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Hello! Pete and Ashley Landerman here! We fell in love over our mutual love of food and got married in 2012. In 2020 we starting running Scoop Street as a duo. Pete is the mastermind behind all the ice cream and churns every batch from scratch.  Ashley focuses on marketing and HR while chasing their two daughters around the shop.  When they are not in Scoop Street, you can find Pete and Ashley running 2tarts Bakery down the street, as well as volunteering for the Comal Trail Alliance and being active in the local community.



First and foremost our goal is make exceptional ice cream. Our mission is to create a community space in our shop where all people feel welcome. We have set out to foster the arts in our community, investing in local artists, and highlighting  their contributions to the culture of New Braunfels., Texas. 



Our inspiration for Scoop Street started because we just LOVE  ice cream. We love the simplicity of it, it's just milk and sugar, but what it transforms into is pure magic.  We want to take this iconic dessert and perfect it. We want to push flavor boundaries in a way that the whole family can enjoy.  We are so happy you are here!

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